Christine Horn


"5 Surefire Strategies To Get Your First Coaching Client"

Congratulations! You’ve gone to school, you’ve got your certification and your certificate is hanging on your wall at your home office.  You’ve got pens, paper, a printer, a computer, loads of knowledge and a desire to be of service. 

There’s only one thing missing…YOUR CLIENTS!

Look, I get it.  I was once just like you. You’ve been so concerned with getting things just right that you’ve neglected the very thing that proves you are actually a business owner.   It’s time for you to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new.  After all, you are in business to make a profit AND to help people.  But how can you help people if they don’t know you exist?

Don’t wait another moment.  I’m here to help you give your new coaching business the kick in the rear it needs to finally get you PAYING clients. 

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  • The #1 thing most new coaches forget to do that can easily get them their first client.

  • The creative and fun way to figure out your niche to make your marketing easier and more effective.

  • The real reason you need a website and what must be included.

  • The most effective way to find potential clients in one place.

  • How to find organizations and businesses to share your message.

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